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Mellow Premium Yak Dog Chew
Mellow Premium Yak Dog Chew
Mellow Premium Yak Dog Chew
Mellow Premium Yak Dog Chew
Mellow Premium Yak Dog Chew

 1lb Bag

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Product Description

Mellow Premium Yak Dog Chew from Yak and Cow Milk 100% Natural (1bs). These chew sticks helps in removing the plaque and tarter buildup as your dog gnaws at it. The chews are very hard and longer lasting which keeps your dog busy and provides hours of enjoyment.


Ingredients: Yak milk, Cow milk. Juice using the centuries old authentic recipe. There are no preservatives or additives. It is naturally chemical free, gluten free and safe for most dogs with lactose intolerance and sensitive stomachs.


Naturally cleaning tartar and plaque for better dental health.

Gluten and grain free


We are dedicated in bringing you natural alternatives for the health and well being of your dogs. A 100% Natural and close to being a "Certified Organic" product. If you and your dog are not fully satisfied with Mellow Premium Dog Chews, we will refund your purchase. No questions asked.

Made in Nepal

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