Avanti FAQ

How Do I Replace my Mailbox Key? 🔑

You will need to order a new lock from new lock from Canadian Mail Box, the company that makes the mailboxes: info@canadianmailbox.com 

They're 230 F/L mailboxes. The cost of a lock is $10.00 each plus shipping and taxes. Minimum order is $20.00.

You'll need to remove your old lock from it's current position, when the mail carrier comes from Canada Post to open the boxes. You'll need pliers and a bit of brute force to get the old lock off when the mailman opens the door.

Once the lock is removed and there's a hole where it used to be, the new lock is super easy to replace.  

How Do I Register a Guest for Overnight Parking? 🚗

To register a guest car for overnight parking so that you don't get a tikcet, you will need to visit https://www.ezpermit.ca/ and enter your EZ Permit card number assigned to your unit. If you don't know what your card number is or were never assigned one, please email building management to get it.