Our Team

Dan Flatt - Chief Neighbour

Dan started an online community group so the neighbours in his condo building could more easily communicate. As the group became more active, he noticed a lot of opportunities for positive community engagement between neighbours and other stakeholders like building management.

By managing this group, Dan assumed the role of an unofficial community leader which eventually led to him joining the building’s  condo board. These experiences inspired many of the ideas that eventually became Naborino.

Prior to Naborino, Dan worked as a lawyer and management consultant before leading digital strategy teams in large enterprises and early stage startups. This is his second start-up, after co-founding and exiting from Metavrse, a leading XR company. 

Our Advisors

Ram has advised Naborino’s technical strategy since the inception of the company.

He is a seasoned IT professional relied on by clients across diverse sectors including healthcare and education.

Ben advises Naborino on sales and go-to-market and many other aspects of our business strategy.
He leads the Programmatic Media business at Google working with the largest advertisers and agencies across Canada.

Ben’s commitment to community has also led him to serves on the board of directors of the Daily Bread Food Bank and recently completed his term as the board chair.

Dorit is a marketing expert who has helped Naborino establish a fun and playful brand identity and UX.

She is the principal and creative director at her agency Lumin8 where she leads brand and marketing strategy for clients ranging from consumer start-ups to large enterprises. 

Victor is a seasoned software professional and entrepreneur with over a decade of industry experience in various roles and business verticals. He started out in the actuarial industry and worked in healthcare, banking, security trading, advertising tech, and smart energy to name a few.
Victor and Dan actually met when they lived in the same condo building! He was similarly inspired by the interactions between their community  of neighbours to independently start building a app with some similar ideas to Naborino. Victor joined Naborino as an advisor to add the perspectives he’d developed on local community building.

With 22 years of experience in building and leading digital delivery, product, and PMO teams, Gerry has transformed organizations by implementing customer-centric, AI-led platforms and establishing long-term OKRs. His  diverse experience spans automotive, CPG, QSR, IT, and more. As an advisor to Naborino, Gerry’s expertise is helping to translate the Naborino’s vision into a world-class user experience.

Want to Join Our Team?

It takes a village to build a local community of neighbours. If you’re interested in working with us, check out the growing list of opportunities on our careers page.