Hey Naborinos 👋

Welcome to Naborino 👋

It's been about 6 years since we first started a Facebook group for this building. Over time it has grown from just complaints about building management to a community where people inform and help each other.

We think there's a lot more potential for strong local community in our building, and the many others like it. That's why we created Naborino.

Naborino Improves 3 Key Relationships:

With Naborino we're focusing on Improving 3 Key Relationships:

1) Your Relationship with your Neighbours

It can be difficult to build community with neighbours in high rise buildings. There can be a difficult balance between privacy and effectively sharing common spaceNaborino will help neighbours connect with safe and fun interactions that make the building a friendlier place.

2) Your Relationship with Building Management

It can be difficult to stay informed with what is going on in your building. Some property management companies still rely on outdated systems and paper notices. When there is no-one on site during a power outage, you can literally be left in the dark. Naborino will give neighbours a way to keep each other informed of key building information and issues that might otherwise get missed.

3) Your Relationship with Local Businesses

After a difficult year for many businesses  - we're all looking for ways to Support Local. When a group of neighbours who all live at the same delivery address buy together, they can get big discounts on products and services by paying wholesale prices. Naborino's group buying marketplace will make it easy for you to buy together with your neighbours. 

We've got lots of great ideas for how Naborinocan improve the experience for everyone in the building.  But we want to hear from you! 

Tell us what we can improve and what features you'd like to see.